Tussle of life

Hovering deep inside smiles

There was something called trials

For family, for penny, for shelter, for justice to life

Some were scrapped, some were wrapped

With the malady of penury

This tussle of life, my dear

Is an imbroglio cry.


So from being a gregarious girl to being a solitary mortal.

We all change, and change is good.Not knowing the benifits and consequences we all come along the way to growth. The moment we realise the veracious reason for living,for existing in this world, that moment, at that point of time your existence matters.

A little change can always help.

They had their ways

From guarding the border to serving the nation they had their ways,

From meeting the family to beating the corrupt they had their bays.

From loving their kids to missing their miss they had their pains

From fighting the wrong to teaching us right they always guide right waves.

I solemnly thank each and every martyred soldier for saving me everyday,that day also they saved me and shedded their precious lives for the people of India. they were, they are, and they will be forever in my heart.

This month left me awestruck with what has happened what is happening and what is going to happen.Each minutes makes me think, What is going to be next.

I believe solution lies between us only.

There’s a layer between terrorism and people which is Indian defence and this unbreakable layer is the strength of my Nation and my soul.

Jai hind jai bharat.


From spending a single penny to thousands of rupees on food we've grown up.
This picture is from Rigos Bistro in majnu ka tila which is located nearby yamuna bazaar New Delhi.

Wondering why I’ve uploaded this picture
Eating for filling your appetite or just making your big Heart happy. Everyone has their own reasons. I was always in search of solace in Delhi which ended when I got to visit this place. Surrounded by peace,happiness,friendship,family. They always give me a reason to come there every single time.

Every person is connected to some light. And this place is my light💡


Karol Bagh!


Morning starts with the thought of this place amd ends with it. This place has pa curved me into a new soul, a soul who forgives who understands who lives who is full of life and it is not easy to be this.crossing thousands of roads and paths and remembering only one yes this is me this girl is me. I’M GOING TO MISS THIS PATH ❤️❤️